Leasing your car with Akkermans,

it couldn’t be simpler no investment, and no risk.

Secure investment

Akkermans Lease Company takes all the risks. Whether it’s a single car or an entire vehicle fleet; your investment is nil and you have no worries.


Administration on point

Administrative everything will be arranged up to the last detail. No loose coupons for maintenance, insurance matters or damage-claims.  On the road you and/or your company is represented in young, well maintained and representative vehicles.


Clarity above al

Leasing at Akkermans Auto Supplies is easy.

Our leasing constructions are crisp and clear.
The contract forms offer many benefits and comforts. Insurance, service intervals, fast repair in case of damage and accidents, replace vehicles and claims settlement are standard in the contracts included.


Let's Work Together

Whether it's one car or a fleet. We'll treat you as one of our own. 

Leasing has never been easier with Akkerman's Auto Supples B.V.